Reportage people photography is a different skill set for a photographer

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As a photographer I am always on the prowl for any opportunity that arises to capture a good photograph. That is why it is so important to always have the camera. Now, with the introduction of the powerful and portable smartphones with their built-in cameras, it has never been easier for many to engage with photography.

Photographing people in their environments, manipulating the environment and light, is a different discipline to working in a studio. It requires a different approach and skill set. In a studio, or when you have time to plan on location, the execution of the photograph is different. Out and about you need to capture quickly.

Sometimes you see the moment and capture it. Sometimes you see the light and the environment and wait for the subject to arrive, as with the priest in the Christian Quarter in Jerusalem. Sometimes you see the environment and hopefully get the subject to play along, as illustrated here with the woman dressed in pink in a Barcelona hairdressers. Whatever the situation, it’s always exciting to create each one.