Latest photography shoot on Menorca for Inscrire Atelier

Atelier Inscrire

Fashion, Menorca

Inscrire Atelier

Our latest fashion photography shoot took place on the east of Menorca, near Port Mahon. At the entrance of the port is the fort of Isabella II at La Mola. The fort’s construction was began by the British when they occupied the island in the 1700’s. The island’s position was a strategic advantage in the Mediterranean and was fought over many times. The fort and the island was taken by the British, French and Spanish, several times.

Now in ruins, it is a fascinating place to visit. As a photographer, it was the perfect backdrop to shoot the latest designs from Inscrire Atelier. It complimented the feel of the shoot which we created for the collection. Inscrire Atelier are based on the island of Menorca but sell to customers worldwide during Paris Fashion Week. Although they are renowned for their handmade shoes and jewellery, they also design and make a small collection of clothing.