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Fashion Location

Here you can view a selection of recent shoots for customers in the fashion industry. Retailers or wholesalers in fashion industry who commission us to produce photography for promotional use. Either web based or print based, these photographs help to advertise the collections to prospective clients.

The production of these photographic shoots involve planning. The look and feel of the model is paramount when considering the collection they will be wearing and the customers they are appealing to. More avant garde collections aimed at a younger audience will go for a different model to a winter knitwear collection aimed at a middle aged or older customer. This is where castings can be very useful. A pre shoot casting at a model agency can determine the models which are right for the collection before the shoot date.

Consideration to the location has to be determined also. If a studio is being used then props and lighting have to be determined. If a location is being used then a location scout can find exactly the right place for the client. Their knowledge and time can be well worth their fee.

Then the portable kit, especially lighting has to be considered. Location shooting means that external power and lights have to be set up and therefore assistance for the photographer is very useful. He or she can then focus on getting the photographs instead of carrying lights from location to location. A good assistant will be one step ahead with setting up the equipment and also making sure everyone is looked after which also includes making sure everyone is well fed and hydrated.

Shooting on location is more involved than shooting in the studio so organisation and delegation is the key. Everyone on the shoot has specific roles to carry out and their ability will determine how well the shoot will progress.