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Studio Photography

For any photographer, mastering the use of artificial light is a must. There is no better environment to begin this process than in the studio. Learning the basics initially at university in still life studios was the place for me. Here you get to know all about the range of photographic lights from powerful HMI’s to tungsten, flash, strobe etc.

Filtered systems allow the studio to be the environment to obtain the perfect lighting set-up. When you head out into environments with daylight, you can master the use of artificial light with daylight to create exactly the light you want. Controlling light is fundamentally the most important thing for a photographer. Getting that vision in your head and transferring that to the shoot is what makes for interesting light.

Anyone limiting themselves to daylight alone is missing a very interesting part of photography. Now with the invention of LED lighting, the parameters have shifted once more and photographers can now carry very portable and powerful sources of light for photography and videography.

Our studio environment is a place we feel totally in control and have a portfolio of not only portrait but still life set ups for advertising. If you need to see more then drop us a line.