The wedding faces from many wedding celebrations

Favourite Wedding Faces

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Wedding Faces

The best of times bring the best reportage photography. Weddings are the perfect celebration to capture the delight, surprise, shock, boredom sometimes from the kids…the list goes on. Hopefully this selection of nine displays the emotions which can be caught on camera at such an event.

For the photographer, there must be readiness to capture things that disappear as soon as they arrive. This is part of the skill which a wedding photographer must bring to the day. If not, then these unique opportunities are lost and that would be a great shame.

It requires the camera to be turned in a direction which would not be normally considered. Gathering reactions from the speech instead of focusing on the person delivering it, for example. A good peripheral vision is required which takes in as much as possible and photographing anything which needs capturing, quickly.

It is very much a skill which is instinctive. The expectation of something which may happen before it happens. It comes with experience and a good reportage event and wedding photographer will be pointing the camera in readiness before moments like this unfold.

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