A wedding in the town of Ciudadella, Menorca's old capital

Santa Maria Ciudadella

Menorca, Wedding

Ciudadella Wedding

The old capital of Ciudadella is our favourite town across all the Balearic Islands. It was therefore an opportunity which we jumped at when we were offered the commission of photographing this couple from Liverpool, England. The wedding was held at the impressive Catedral de Santa Maria in the centre of the town.

With the wedding preparation at Tres Sants just around the corner from the Cathedral and the reception at the Club Nautic, this was always going to be a very special day for us to capture. Everything about Menorca, we love. The quietness and the people it attracts as visitors. The splendid little towns, pristine in their presentation. And the understated yet stylish weddings we get to photograph across the island.

After the ceremony their are several locations near the Cathedral to capture group photographs. One small courtyard next door with magnificent stone steps to accommodate all your wedding guests is the perfect place to capture all these formal photographs.

After this fairly quick execution we all headed to the harbour where there is a wooden walkway heading west to the Club Nautic restaurant. Here there is a great view looking back to the town. The balcony allows for portraits with the town in the background. Capture this within the Golden Hour and you cannot fail as a photographer to capture something which wil be treasured.

We are back for twenty seventeen with new venues and new faces to capture. Updates soon within our portfolio section.