Hotel Alcaufar Vell near Sant Lluis on the east of Menorca

Hotel Alcaufar Vell

Menorca, Wedding

Hotel Alcaufar Vell

A wedding at the beautiful and ancient farmhouse Alcaufar Vell near Sant Lluis on Menorca. Now converted into a typical Menorquin Hotel on the outskirts of Sant Lluis.

The rural setting delivers. It is a perfect wedding location. Standing alone in acres of land there is really no one to disturb if you decide to party well into the night.

In 1998 Hotel Alcaufar Vell opened the doors of the Rural Hotel & Restaurant Alcaufar Vell. With devotion and care they have completely renovated the hundred-year-old farm of their ancestors into a quiet and cosy hotel, where the magic of the past lives with you in the present.

During the 19th century, Alcaufar Vell was one of the most relevant agricultural and cattle farms of eastern Minorca. The family, owner of the farm for centuries, spent long rest periods in this house built on an old mediaeval tower of Arabic origin in the 18th century.

The old arable lands and the woods of the farm help us to discover the real Minorca. Long and pleasant strolls down the ravine of Alcaufar and the wild olive trees help you breathe the pure essence of the Mediterranean.

Deciding on your wedding location is an important step but we are confident you’ll come away wanting to book.

On this occasion a surprise was in store for the wedding guests. Four Menorcan horses and their riders put on a display which is usually reserved for the fiestas in the towns. It was an absolute pleasure for me to photograph this and a day which will live with me. Truly spectacular helped along by the venue and it’s owners and workers. *****

If you want a sense of what this place has to offer then click on the link below. To reveal it’s true splendour then take a ridd down there.