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ITC Mallorca

ITC Event Castillo Son Vida, which is the International Trade Convention for electronics has moved it’s networking event from Malta last year to Mallorca this year and we were the ones documenting the three day event at the quite superb Hotel Castillo Son Vida, Mallorca. ITC Event Castillo Son Vida attracts delegates from all over the world to allow networking.

Castillo Son Vida was built in the thirteenth century and has to have the best views of Palma on the island. The hotel is located approximately eight kilometers from Palma city centre but the elevation allows there to be incredible views looking south toward the city.

Delegates from all over the world came to the ITC event Castillo Son Vida including Israel, Singapore, Turkey, USA, Canada, Russia to name a few, came together on Mallorca to network, build relationships and do trade deals organised by ITC, who are masters at reinventing networking events.

We were asked to document the three day event so they can market the event for next year. The commission was to include group photographs of the ITC staff, reportage photographs of the networking event, photographs of the sponsors and the delivering of speeches, the dinner evening and the closing party including the entertainment from the band and the acrobatic show by Pirates Reloaded.

The edit has recently been delivered by file transfer protocol back to England and the organisers, sponsors and delegates were so impressed with Mallorca that they are returning next year to host the event on the island. They have already asked us to document the event for twenty seventeen and we are delighted to be involved. Although we are involved with photographing many events across the Balearics, this one was particularly impressive because of the location where it was hosted.

In addition to the stunning luxury Castillo Son Vida Hotel the closing party delivered portfolio photographs which we can take forward into our printed portfolios. If you are ever on the island of Mallorca then we can recommend the Pirates Reloaded show. There is strong language used so best to keep the little ones away…although I’m sure the door policy is very responsible.