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Pura Vida

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Pura Vida Wedding

A Pura Vida wedding Ibiza style at the Beach Club on the south east side of Ibiza. The ceremony was held on the beach, which can be possible on some beaches. If you’re thinking of a beach ceremony then with some prior notice this can be arranged, depending on the beach you are requesting access to. If you are using a wedding planner then they can guide you. Alternatively, the venue where you are hosting your reception will be able to tell you as they will have been undoubtedly asked this question before.

With some portable lighting we took full advantage of the beach location with the group photographs, capturing some great portraits at dusk. We have all the equipment needed to capture studio style photography on location so please ask about this when you make your inquiry about our availability.

With group photographs we advise that you don’t supply us with an extensive list. The couple will be in most, if not all, of the photographs. Six to eight group photographs are recommended as we try to find different locations for each one and dislike repetition. We put every effort into preparing before the wedding for possible locations, taking into consideration the daylight and adding additional lighting if required.

Importantly though, the day belongs to the couple and too long in front of the lens posing for group photographs should not take up time on your wedding day. The couple are there to enjoy their day with their guests so any formal photographs from us will be done with the minimum of time required.

We have examples of both the group photographs and the reportage photographs taken throughout the day in our wedding portfolio which can be viewed upon request. We meet our prospective clients on the Balearic islands or back in the UK throughout the winter.