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Atmospheric Places

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Our wedding commissions have taken us to some breathtaking and diverse places over the years. Croatia, Montenegro, Israel, India, Estonia, Ireland, Malta, and of course, across the beautiful Balearic Islands. Our destination weddings have taken us to some incredible places and so here we share a selection of places which we feel are worthy of our online portfolio.

Developing personal portfolios are a key part to developing your skill and vision as a photographer. If you’re not interested in developing these aspects of your photography then I would question the reasons why you take photographs.

Our commissions take us to some diverse and interesting places and it would be a great shame not to photograph these interesting landscapes. Whenever we can break away from our paid commissions, we love to capture the landscape. A different discipline requires a different approach and waiting for the right light is part of the skill. Here is a selection of some atmospheric places we have visited over the years.

Once the location has been found then assessing the landscape and how it will react with the light at different times of the day will give you the best possible chance of creating something special.