Valencia's Las Fallas fiesta to celebrate the spring equinox

Las Fallas

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Las Fallas

Heralded as one of the best fiestas in Spain, Las Fallas. We embark on our personal project for a new year to document some of the finest and most exciting fiestas in Spain. While the wedding season is in full flow throughout the Balearics, we will be documenting the best from other celebrations to give our customers a varied portfolio of work which will demonstrate the ability to capture the best part of any celebration, wedding or otherwise.

Las Fallas has roots which celebrate the spring equinox and more Pagan festivals around this time. The church then adopted some of these popular festivals and incorporated the Saints birth or death which was closest to some of these popular days. Saint Joseph is celebrated at Las Fallas, the father of Jesus Christ.

All of the districts around the city create huge models which represent popular themes from the previous twelve months. Some exceed well over ten metres.

The party continues for over one week. On the final night, these creations are burnt and the whole process begins again. Capturing the final day in Valencia was an opportunity to get some magical photographs of a truly dramatic fiesta in Spain.

We hope to be able to present a diverse portfolio to our customers who wish us to document their celebration, event or wedding. Part of any capture is to anticipate things before they happen. This technique can work across any event or celebration. If you need specific wedding photography then please head to our main page or to the link below to see a broad portfolio from a wedding on Mallorca.

Our next fiesta from the mainland will be La Tomatina so keep an eye on our Blog page from the island of Mallorca for updates from this next fiesta from the Iberian Peninsula