The final fiesta of the summer on Menorca - Mahon

Mahon Fiesta

Event, Menorca

Fiesta La Mare de Deu Mahon

The town celebrates their patron saint Mary in September which finishes the fiesta season on the island for another year. Their are equally as many riders as Sant Joan, which is the fiesta which starts the celebrations in Ciutadella. The Mahon fiesta is celebrated over many days and culminates in a very impressive fireworks display over the Port of Mahon.

The real stars of the show though are the Menorquin horses in the ‘Jaleo’. The riders ride through the crowded streets and the young and brave try their best to make the horse stand on it’s hind legs. Touching the breastbone of the horse as it rears is the ultimate goal while trying to avoid the hooves which are head height.

The horses ride in procession through the streets. The crowds are high on Pomada, which is a locally distilled gin and lemon. Despite the raucous sound, the spirit of the fiesta is always good and the party is good for all ages. The horse gather in several places and the band gives off a repetitive tune which the crowd never seems to grow tired of.

All the fiestas are good experiences but plan to see either Sant Joan in Ciutadella or La Mare de Deu in Mahon. You simply cannot be disappointed.