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Trash The Dress

Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca, Wedding

Trash the Dress

What is becoming very popular across the Balearics are trash the dress shoots. After the excitement of a wedding day, some brides are wanting to get lasting and unusual photographs from their celebration and we have all the portable equipment with lights and underwater cameras to capture unusual and valuable photographs from a trash the dress shoot.

If this is something which could be of interest then the shoot usually takes place a few days after the wedding day to allow for recovery. We then find a suitable, quiet place on the coast and set up a shoot with portable lights so we can make the most of trashing your wedding dress.

The shoot would normally take one to two hours. We can also make some underwater photographs which always look spectacular. The waters around the Balearic islands are the perfect spot to capture these.

We know all the best places around Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca. Even if we are not commissioned for your wedding, trash the dress shoots or warm down parties are always a pleasure to be involved in.

Call or email us to organiza a couple of hours on the beach. They are always fun and deliver some unique and interesting results.