The wedding car is a welcome addition for any wedding

The Wedding Car

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The Wedding Car

The photography of the wedding car is usually a very quick and spontaneous thing as the car approaches and leaves the ceremonial place. However, when you get something as special as a 1959 Chevrolet you really need to arrange a twenty minute shoot around this prop.

To get some very strong photographs of something this unusual can make the expense of a wedding car very worthwhile.

At most weddings we photograph, the car is something which is unusual, classic or otherwise. It gives a great opportunity for a wedding photographer to use this prop and get the most from the photography.

We sourced the 1959 Chevrolet which features here, but we can pass on the details of most of the cars which are on this page. If this is something you need help with, drop us a line and we will be happy to pass on any information we can help with.

Across the Balearics, unusual cars can be hard to find. We have direct contacts with the car owners who make sure all the relevant insurance and paperwork is complete to allow the cars to be used for such events. Please plan in advance as the more unusual cars are booked up quickly, especially during the summer months and over the weekends.