Fashion and portraits portfolios in addition to our wedding photography

Portraits and fashion

Ibiza, Mallorca, People

The commissions across the Balearic islands of Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera are increasingly varied and portraits and fashion are an example of the portfolios we have to offer our customers across the islands.

Part of this portfolio section is a portrait of a young woman from Argentina. She now lives on the island of Mallorca and has been here for over eight years. In love with many aspects of the island and the lifestyle which is so different to her own country, she has decided to settle here. She approached us and stipulated that she wanted something different from the usual portraits taken on the island. We decided upon the lakes high in the mountains as a location as her love for the more remote parts of the island were discussed prior to the shoot. Wwe wanted therefore to create something dramatic with a fashion shoot element.

Along with personal portrait sittings, we have several clients in the fashion industry. From small ateliers in Menorca for shoes and jewelery to wholesale fashion labels based in the UK. Fashion is our second largest commissioned area after weddings and it is a very interesting part of our portfolio.

Interestingly for us, some of the lighting techniques we use in our fashion shoots are transferable to the weddings we shoot. Particularly our portable lighting kit which you don’t often see wedding photographers use. We can easily achieve some good lighting effects in the most unusual settings for weddings, very quickly. If you would like to see examples of these then please contact us for suggestions.

Our ProFoto lighting is the best portable flash lighting kit on the market and it can be used anywhere you choose to hold your wedding. We have had some excellent results which were executed with speed and efficiency.