Castell son Claret is five star luxury and the approach is simply divine

Castell Son Claret

Mallorca, Wedding

Castell Son Claret

This place doesn’t have to advertise and shout so much about how good it is. The people who return to Castell son Claret year on year give, it all the business it needs. A converted castle near Es Capdella on Mallorca. Award winning chefs, extensive and mature gardens to enjoy, swimming pool in the beautiful Mallorcan countryside…everything you would want from a couple of days over your wedding celebration on the island.

We photograph here at least once in every season. Although we are selective about how many commissions we take every season, we are in no doubt when taking commissions here. The portfolio of photographs for our customers are always overwhelming. This is because of the beautifully restored castle and the divine gardens which have now matured.

We’ll be back here this year to photograph the place and also to eat in the restaurant. The restaurant is one of the best on the island.

‘When the castle was first mentioned in 1450 the site consisted of five properties. It wasn’t until the 18th century, when Don Gabriel Claret used the house as his home, that the estate was united to form the 132-acres that still belong to Castell Son Claret today.

100 years later the castle was expanded to include other buildings and stables. The castle received its current facade as well as its layout in the early 19th century.

After a loving and faithful restoration by the current owners, Klaus-Michael Kühne and his wife Christine, Castell Son Claret opened as a luxury hotel in May 2013.’

A visit is a must when considering your wedding location on Mallorca. If you need to see our extensive portfolios of previous weddings here then arrange a meeting and we’ll hook up either in England or over here on the island.