Tata Steel have asked for their latest products photographing

Photographing Steel Track for Tata Steel Europe

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steel track

Tata Steel Europe

Formally Corus Steel, Tata Steel Europe have commissioned us to photograph all their new profiles for their steel track. It was important to show the profile of the track but also photograph it in an appealing, powerful and dramatic style. Information to be supplied to clients across the Far East for steel rail track. The photographs will be used in printed brochures with finite descriptions.

This is one still life shoot of many which we have executed for Tata Steel Europe. It continues our expanding portfolio of advertising photography. When we began our photography career, working in still life studios after university was common place. Working for some of the best still life advertising photographers gave us an insight into how this type of photography was captured. Meticulous attention to detail is paramount. Lighting set-ups, subject and camera settings need to be carefully considered. Pre-production meetings are also essential as page lay-out and frame are well considered before taking every photograph.

A far cry from reportage wedding photography. However this discipline did give us an eye for identifying the smallest details in a capture and correcting anything which could look unpleasant or unwanted. All valuable experience and transferable for different shoots.

Here’s an insight into our still life studio work here at Britton Brothers. Meticulous lighting and composition for an architectural firm in the north of England.;


Here’s what Tata Steel are doing these days. A global business in the construction industry.


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