El Toro Sanctuary for a wedding at dizzying heights

Wedding at El Toro Sanctuary

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El Toro Sanctuary

Another six weeks and 2014 wedding season will be complete. It’s been a great season here on the island of Menorca. No rainy days to spoil any of the wedding days and some great locations. The island is improving year on year with some first class restaurants and hotels opening. If you need any advice on hotel locations or anything else to make your wedding plans come together, then please get in touch with us as we have some great contacts here on the island.

342 metres above the Mediterranean on the island of Menorca is the Virgen del Toro Sanctuary. This was the location for this spectacular wedding ceremony overlooking the island of Menorca. Because of the Catholic roots on one side of the family, they were allowed to use the small church which sits alongside the santuary.

Before the ceremony began the guests had the opportunity to walk around the summit of El Toro which they glanced at as they approached it by road. It is like something from The Italian Job. A white knuckle ride of a car or bus journey, if you haven’t got a head for heights. As you reach the top however, it is well worth the discomfort. Great views of the island and even the neighbouring island of Mallorca on a clear day.

The whitewashed courtyard as you enter the sanctuary is pretty. The setting is beautiful for wedding photographers. The walls and tiered steps work like a dream to photograph the bride in her dress. The approach to the church door also gives the photographer plenty of opportunity to get those special photographs of her with her father.

The interior is nothing particularly special as Spanish churches go but perfectly acceptable. It is the time you get outside which sets this place apart from the rest. If you know Menorca then you’ll know of El Toro. If you want your wedding on Menorca then you’ll know that this place will be on your list of places to visit.

Monte Toro Sanctuary

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