A recent yacht club wedding at Cala d'Or on Mallorca

Yacht Club Wedding in Cala d’Or

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Cala d’Or Yacht Club

A great final commission of twenty twenty on the island of Mallorca at the Yacht Club Cala d’Or. Located on the marina, the Yacht Club now caters for weddings and events throughout the summer. This collection of photographs shows the extent to the Yacht Club facilities. You have the restaurant, bar, pool, lawned areas, but in addition there is an upper floor, which has been converted into a modern double bedroom with a large terrace which overlooks the marina.

This is exceptionally convenient if you are photographing a wedding here, as we would usually be in a separate locations for bridal preparations and the ceremony. The very nature of separate locations brings travel schedules, which can mean you miss photographs in either one place or the other. The wedding venue in Cala d’Or has everything in one location which means photographers can maximize their time photographing for the customers.

Cala d’Or is located on the east side of Mallorca and the link to the club, with all the information you need for weddings or events is at the bottom of the page. For alternative wedding venues then visit our blog post here;


The club website can be found here;


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