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Bridal Preparations on a Wedding Commission

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Wedding Bridal Preparations

Bridal preparations are an integral part of wedding photography. We are usually commissioned to photograph the build up to the wedding in addition to the ceremony and the reception. There are many varied skills involved in being a wedding photographer aside from the ability to take good photographs for the commissioner. Being sensitive to the emotions which will be running high are key to being a good photographer on the day.

Being able to read situations, when to step in and organise group photographs, and when to hang back and let the story unfold. During the bridal preparations the atmosphere is usually chaotic. Your job as a photographer is not to add to the mayhem. Capture what you need to and leave the bride and her bridesmaids to continue the bridal preparations when required.

There are many smaller details to capture which should keep the photographer busy throughout the two hours you’ll be there. What the bride will not want is a photographer shooting her for the duration of the build up to the ceremony. Be sensitive to the people around you and learn when to head off and give them a break. Photographing the venue, flowers and small details will be appreciated when the couple look back on the day through the photographs.

The bridal preparation is all part of the enjoyment of the wedding day and our involvement is to capture as much of this as possible. We are commissioned to photograph at least eight hours of the wedding day, photographing the bridal preparation a couple of hours before the ceremony begins.

This photograph was from a recent wedding shoot in Yorkshire, England where we also work. Balearic island commissions from Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera are our usual summer season destinations.

To look through a full edit from a wedding day in Mallorca then click on the link below.


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